Calling All Three Year Olds

Our office offers a program to make your child’s first visit enjoyable! Take a free introductory tour of our facility. On this special day, our touring junior visitors and their parents meet our team, with a reassuring approach that makes every visit comfortable, relaxing and fun. We believe that introducing children to the world of dentistry in an enjoyable environment enhances a positive attitude towards dental health, creating an eager office and home care participant! A lifetime of good health begins with the first visit! Parents are under no obligation to make further appointments.

Pit & Fissure Sealants

At our office, we utilize sealants. Sealants are a protective barrier bonded to the chewing surface of a tooth. It prevents bacteria from accumulating into tiny grooves on the surfaces of the teeth. This does not eliminate the need for proper dental care but is recognized as an effective and valuable asset in the prevention of tooth decay. The application of sealants does not require anesthetic or drilling of the tooth.


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